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Automation specialists.

Our products recommendations and services are ever expanding, that said they all have one thing in common - AUTOMATION. Where there is a desire to streamline a process and remove the need to complete a manual task we aim to cover any aspect that will improve a mostly binary process.

From retrieving data from a PDF invoice, automating data flows between systems or building specialist BI reporting suites we can adapt to the needs of your business and provide a service we are confident will exceed expectations.

Our services and products recommendations range from supporting businesses with high spec system implementations to automating the generation of external facing PDF reports.

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System Data Transfer

As qualified accountants and I.T. consultants covering multiple languages we can interact between most systems to transfer data directly.

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Invoice Processing

System generated invoices can be directed to a mailbox we provide, we will process those invoices and provide you with a flat file of data on a periodic basis of your choosing. We will work with you to upload that information into your systems therefore removing the need for a large Accounts Payable function.

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Bespoke Requirements

Being skilled in multiple programming languages as well as multiple different system set ups we are sure we can provide a solution to almost any scenario.

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We have over 20 years experience in Finance, Accounting, System Implementations, BI and Automation.


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